Triller Brazil Launches TrillerTV Brazil With Exciting Shows Featuring Some of The Biggest Brazilian Influencers On TrillerLIVE Now


Brazil. Following the success of TrillerTV, and TrillerTV Latam, Triller is expanding the concept to Brazil with TrillerTV Brazil, together with a top-tier lineup of social media’s top Brazilian influencers creating new and original shows.

TrillerTV features a lineup of over 65 original programs hosted by artists and influencers including shows with Jennifer Lopez, the D’Amelio family, DJ Khaled, Noah Beck, 2 Chainz, Fat Joe, Violet Benson and many others.

TrillerTV Latam features a lineup of social media’s top Latinx influencers creating new and original shows for the Latin American audience including the likes of Kimberly Loaiza, Yurgenis Aular, Karla Bustillos, Papi Kunno, and many more.

Now, Brazilian personalities like Viih Tube, Luara, Martin and Maria Paula, Laís Oliveira, Rodrigo Rossi, Aninha, and many more are hosting weekly 30-minute “live shows” using Triller’s live function, as well as other celebrated musicians, podcasters, celebrities, and fashion, art, and gaming influencers for TrillerTV Brazil.

TrillerTV Brazil features a variety of shows exploring different topics such as video editing, cocktail making, cooking, fashion, beauty, makeup, comedy, culture, dance, and even Q&As.

“You won’t believe what I’m up to on my TrillerTV! You’re going to see lots of guests, gossip and a lot of fun. You really can’t miss it!,» Viih Tube, the famous YouTuber who became viral in Brazil for creating videos about common teen issues she was going through, said about her new TrillerTV Live show.

Viih Tube just finished her run in Brazil’s most popular show Big Brother Brasil and has swiftly transitioned to Triller where her weekly lives include Q&As where she’ll answer her fans’ most pressing questions, and surprise guests that will join her for fun tasks.

Viih Tube’s TrillerTV show will go live on June 17 at 7:30 p.m. BRT and will have a super special guest, Sarah Andrade, for the first time together on a live.

Sarah is a Digital Marketing consultant who became an Instagram influencer and a reality TV star, and found great success on Big Brother Brazil alongside Viih Tube. Now, the famous frenemies will get together one more time to clear the air between them.

Meanwhile, Brazilian TikTok queen Luara, who gained fame and prestige from videos where she’s being funny or giving useful tips on how to enhance your social media presence, also made her way to Triller and is sharing all her hacks with her followers.

“If there’s one thing I’ve always done in my career, it’s showing everyone how I’ve achieved my dreams and encouraging others to do the same. I can’t wait to share all my Triller tips and hacks with you guys. I’m very excited!,” Luara said.

Don’t miss your favorite Brazilian influencers on TrillerTV Brazil now. The programming schedule will be listed and updated on Triller.TV

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